About Us

Brand History

In 1998, Shanghai Lindie Co.,LTD. established.

In 1998, the designer brand e+ created, it dedicated to the design and the development of delicate and unique office ladies’ leisure dress.

The company’s main brand e+ , is one of the most influential designer brands in Shanghai.

Brand Philosophy

e+ started its journey in Shanghai since 1998. It has been committed to guide natural , easy way of wearing, follow a modest style of design, use a special artistic design language to interpret the relationship between clothing and human body, understand the clothing and individuals’ inner experience, express the feeling of beauty and the different expression from everyone.

Simple and easy, delicate and unique is the core of e+’s brand spirit.

With use of natural materials, the design emphasizes charm of women.

Brand Concept

Effortless chic and comfort is the design focus of the e+ mainline, which suits for everyday life of modern women.

The elegant line further pursues to complete wardrobe for special occasions with its exquisite and unique designs.